Hongdou Comfort Menswear Forms Strategic Partnership with HeiQ

Published in: 2023-05-12

On May 12th, Carlo Centonze, co-founder and CEO of HeiQ, along with his team, visited the headquarters of Hongdou Comfort Menswear for an exchange and exploration of technology applications, product innovation, and future collaboration. The two parties officially established a strategic partnership, aiming to create a more comfortable wearing experience and introduce innovative products to global consumers.


Founded in 2005, HeiQ is a leading group in the field of textile and new materials. With a focus on excellence, they have developed highly efficient and durable high-tech textile materials that deliver outstanding performance. Partnering with over 200 brands, HeiQ is committed to enhancing the quality of life for billions of people. Carlo Centonze expressed great pleasure in collaborating with Hongdou Comfort Menswear, stating that they will apply HeiQ's technology to a broader range of products in the Hongdou menswear collection, collectively creating new comfortable menswear for the upcoming season.

HeiQ Smart Temp, an intelligent temperature control technology developed by HeiQ, is dedicated to regulating body surface temperature by dynamically responding to skin temperature and body heat. Hongdou Comfort Menswear's flagship product, the "Hongdou 0-Feeling Comfort Shirt," incorporates this innovative technology to enhance wearing comfort. By integrating HeiQ's patented high polymers into the fabric, the shirt is able to sense body temperature and achieve intelligent temperature control. This marks the first large-scale application of HeiQ Smart Temp high polymers in men's shirts, embodying a perfect combination of comfort and technology.

The "Hongdou 0-Feeling Comfort Shirt," which combines multiple innovative technologies, has garnered prestigious international awards including the "French Biside Design Award, American Muse Award, Italian A Award, Bazaar Annual Men's Shirt Award, and IAI Design Gold Award." With sales of over 500,000 units, it leads the market in high-end shirt sales. Hongdou Comfort Menswear has also been honored with the title of "Pioneer in Comfortable Menswear" by the China Garment Association.

To solidify its core competitiveness, Hongdou Comfort Menswear is fully committed to research and development in comfortable products. By collaborating with high-end suppliers in the industry, they are enhancing fabric, craftsmanship, design, and technological functions to create ultimate products such as the 0-Feeling Comfort Shirt and the Plus-1 Comfort Pants, enriching their range of comfortable products. Through the strategic partnership with HeiQ, Hongdou Comfort Menswear will apply HeiQ Smart Temp technology to a broader range of product categories, continuously meeting the comfort needs of consumers and leading the way in the comfort sector.