HOdo Group, founded in 1957 and currently has nearly 30000 employees. For 67 years, it has adhered to the real economy and focused on developing the clothing, tire, and pharmaceutical industries, ranking 80th in China's comprehensive manufacturing strength. including HOdo Stock (600400) and General Stock (601500), which are two prominent board-listed companies, with overseas branches in New York, Singapore, Spain, Myanmar, Thailand, and other countries. Moreover, Chinese and Cambodian enterprises collectively developed the 11.13 square kilometres Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone in the Kingdom of Cambodia, which becomes the exemplar of "the Belt and Road Initiative."

The company has been dedicated to national brand construction. In June 1985, the company successfully registered the trademark "HOdo" and synchronously registered the trademark right away in 54 countries and regions for Thirty-four broad headings of commodities in an effort of trademark protection. Additionally, In June 2010, HOdo Group was identified as a demonstration enterprise for the implementation of trademark strategy. It owns a series of chain brands such as "Hodo Men's Wear," " Hodo Home," "Hodo Home Textile," "Hongdou Kids," and "Hodo Cheerful City." The firm persistently promotes the traditional culture; for example, HOdo Qixi Day - Chinese Valentine's Day, after 20 years of determination, is proclaimed as "Our Festival" by the Central Propaganda Department and seven other ministries and commissions. Undoubtedly, the brand reputation and brand value of HOdo have been constantly improved in the process of building enterprise festivals and carrying forward traditional culture.  In the 2023 China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands Ranking released by the World Brand Laboratory, "Red Bean" ranked 78th with a brand value of 87.898 billion yuan.

The corporation has profoundly implemented the innovation-driven strategy, vigorously promoted the construction of "Smart HOdo," and continuously boosted the high-quality development of the company through technological innovation, marketing innovation, model innovation and other systematic innovations. Besides, the company relies on national technical centers, national technological innovation demonstration enterprises, the internet of things, and Industrial networks. The "Smart HOdo" has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a pilot demonstration project of the Industrial Internet Platform. General Steel Industry 4.0 plant and Thailand plant are already in production, and the semi-steel vulcanization workshop has reached the dark factory and ready for operation.

In the purpose of "serving the country through industry, win-win from all directions, the company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, and has successively set up "HOdo Charity Fund," "Wuxi Yaoting Charity Fund" and "Wuxi HOdo Care Fund for Veteran Party Members." In 2007, HOdo Group became the enterprise to implement corporate social responsibility in the national textile industry thoroughly. In 2018, HOdo was selected as "Excellent Case of Social Responsibility of Chinese Private Enterprises" by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. After the outbreak of COVID-19, HOdo quickly transformed its production line to produce protective clothing, isolation clothes, masks and other epidemic prevention materials to support the fight against the pandemic, which was called "a well-deserved 'military factory'" by the medical material support team of the COVID-19 joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council. What is more, HOdo Group has donated more than 580 million yuan for years.

The future has come, HOdo will continue to accelerate the evolution and upgrade, pursue excellent performance, further improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, aiming the "100 billion HOdo, Smart HOdo, Happy HOdo, Centennial HOdo" as goals and forge ahead.