486 Positions, Up to a Million Annual Salary! Hongdou Group Starts the Year with Abundant Recruitment Efforts

Published in: 2023-01-31

On the morning of January 31st, the "Chuangxiang Jiangsu" Spring Action live-streaming job fair, hosted by Wuxi City for 2023, successfully took place, with a dedicated session for Hongdou Group.



Zhang Yingxue, Director of the Wuxi City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Zhou Haijiang, Chairman of the Hongdou Group Board of Directors, entered the live-streaming room to endorse and recommend positions within Hongdou Group.



During this live-streaming event, 486 positions were simultaneously broadcasted on multiple new media platforms, with the highest annual salary reaching one million yuan. The high-quality positions offered by Hongdou Group attracted 401,000 online viewers and received numerous job applications.


In this recruitment event, Hongdou Group presented its three subsidiary companies on stage: Jiangsu Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Universal Technology Co., Ltd., and Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone Co., Ltd. Two of these companies are publicly listed. Together, they provided a total of 25 positions, amounting to 486 job opportunities. Among them, the positions of Senior Fashion Design Director, Director of the Yew Taxus Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and Chief Engineer of an Industrial Internet company offer the highest annual salary, reaching one million yuan.


HR representatives introduced the company's development prospects, promoted the corporate brand culture, and explained the requirements for the recruitment positions, making the live-streaming room lively and popular. Hongdou Group also gave away 30 exquisite Hongdou products to the viewers in the live-streaming room.