General Corporation Recognized as National-Level Excellent Scenarios in Intelligent Manufacturing

Published in: 2022-12-16

Recently, Jiangsu General Technology Corporation Limited was announced as the recipient of the "2022 National-Level Excellent Scenarios in Intelligent Manufacturing."


General Corporation successfully secured two major scenarios: "Intelligent Warehousing" and "Energy Consumption Data Monitoring." The intelligent warehousing business scenario in the full-steel factory leverages WMS and WCS systems for detailed process control, integrating intelligent vertical warehouses (AS/RS), AGV carts, intelligent conveyors, and bin detectors, thereby comprehensively enhancing the management efficiency of warehousing, logistics, and production.



The "Energy Consumption Data Monitoring" scenario represents General Corporation's active exploration of data empowerment and exemplifies the achievement of realizing the "dual carbon" goals. The 5G carbon cloud platform, through technologies such as industrial interconnection, comprehensively collects, evaluates, and analyzes various data types related to electricity, steam, gas, and water used in the factory. By utilizing carbon monitoring algorithms to generate energy carbon emission heat maps, it guides workshops, equipment, and teams in carrying out continuous energy-saving work, achieving a "one-screen view of the world," and accomplishing energy conservation, emission reduction, and resource optimization.


In the future, General Corporation will deepen its "5X Strategy," focusing on the mission of "making every tire a premium product." It will accelerate the development of intelligent factories and intelligent manufacturing scenarios, leading the digital transformation with technological innovation, maximizing the enhancement of labor efficiency, product effectiveness, and energy efficiency, and promoting high-quality development for the company!