Do it! Evolution! HOdo Group Blows the Charge Horn of

Published in: 2023-01-31

On January 28th, Hongdou Group held a grand mobilization meeting for advancing high-quality development in 2023, under the theme of "three selfs and six transformations," sounding the charge for a strong start.




"We must accelerate three key speeds: the speed of performance growth, the speed of technological product innovation, and the speed of self-evolution, with the determination to build a world-class enterprise," said Zhou Haijiang, Chairman of the Hongdou Group Board of Directors. He emphasized that Hongdou’s ability to overcome challenges and persist in self-evolution and the "three selfs and six transformations" strategy are inseparable. Hongdou will accelerate these three key speeds and continue to promote high-quality development through the "three selfs and six transformations."



During the meeting, outstanding individuals from Hongdou Group for the year 2022 were commended and awarded, and the leaders of six primary subsidiary companies delivered speeches.



At the beginning of the new year, Hongdou employees are filled with enthusiasm, making strong market advances, achieving remarkable success in online sales, clothing exports, and overseas base development. With a focus on evolution, practical actions to increase efficiency, and the success of hardworking individuals as the foundation, they will strive relentlessly and diligently contribute more strength from private enterprises to China's modernization efforts.