HOdo "0 Feeling Comfortable Shirt" Landed in London, UK, International supermodel Jin Okawa twin cities interpretation

Published in: 2022-09-15

Recently, the classic national brand Red bean men's wear landed heavily in London, UK, appeared in a London fashion show, and shone on the show, to the scene of the audience left a deep impression. In the Red Bean men's fashion show, the hot international supermodel Jin Dachhuan Shuangcheng performed the "0 sense comfortable shirt" multiple Wear, showing the scientific and technological charm of "0 sense comfortable shirt" for the Red bean men's fashion show added a strong ink.


In order to demonstrate the best visual effect of men's clothing, HOdo recruits distinguished the collocation of rich experience, with dozens of cooperation design collocation, including light luxury, the art of wind, the wind and the wind 0 city such as wind, the feeling of each style each has its own characteristics and shows the environment is to bring out the best in each other. With full preparation, the London show will be wonderful.


The show's main character, the zero-sense comfortable shirt, attracted the attention of the whole Internet. The rich colours and varied outfits of the comfortable shirts on the show sparked a heated debate online, with many fashion bloggers planting grass and netizens copying and matching.


Since its launch in March this year, the sales volume of Hongdou zero-sense comfortable shirts has exceeded 200,000 pieces, which not only sets the sales record for HOdo Men's shirts but also always maintains the leading sales volume of middle and high-end shirts on the whole network. HOdo Men's Wear is truly a star product.


The "0 sense comfortable shirt" embodies Hongdou's 65 years of comfortable experience. Its quality is as good as that of international brands in all aspects, and it has injected new vitality into the rise of the national tide in recent years. At the same time, Hongdou men's Wear, with the launch of "Hongdou 0 comfortable Shirt", also shows their determination to forge ahead continuously as a national brand with a long history -- domestic men's wear brands can also create luxury quality shirts, which become a regular comfort item in everyone's wardrobe.


In recent years, HOdo Men's Wear has always taken a positive attitude to brand rejuvenation, building a new brand image, and through international standards promoting their own strength and potential energy to a new height. At the same time, Hongdou men's Wear also maintains the original intention of "focus on comfort," reflects classic with high quality, supports comfortable characteristics with science and technology, adheres to the direction of "classic and comfortable men's wear," leads the new fashion of "comfortable technology" in the field of Chinese men's Wear, and leads the change of shirts.